Alice M. Adams RN - Legal Nurse, Certified

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Medical Cost Projections

Critical Record Analysis

Medical Chronologies

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Alice M. Adams, RN LNCC

I am a legal nurse with >20 years nursing experience in critical care, orthopedics and workers compensation. Since 2005, I have helped attorneys with personal injury, medical malpractice and workers compensation cases. After >15,000 hours of LNC work, I have learned quite a bit about the medical aspects of civil litigation.

Every Little Thing

Dealing with Daubert It's in the details
Successful litigation often hinges on the obscure: a nursing observation in a progress note; findings on an x-ray; subtle symptoms, or irregular charting. As an integrated legal team, we will find every little thing that impacts your case.

It’s the little things Medical Cost Projections
Are you mediating or settling your client's case? Then it's time to bring real numbers to the table, based upon treating physician recommendations and an amalgam of regional costs.

Not all data is relevant Medical Chronologies
A chronology is more than the transcription of facts. A medical chronology should be tailored to your needs, identify critical data that others have missed, and omit information that has no bearing on the case.

A few recommendations

"Mrs. Adams’ opinions helped form a basic theory of our case, resulting in a favorable verdict being entered at trial. The Foster Law Firm can enthusiastically recommend Mrs. Adams for nursing standard of care review in potential litigation matters."

William F. Foster, II – December 30, 2005

"On a broad range of matters involving serious medical-legal issues over the past five years, I have had the pleasure to consult with Alice Adams. She does an excellent job of making sense from the nonsensical and finding a clear path to an answer.The only consultations I have with Alice are challenging problematic matters, not the routine repeating fact patterns. She is not only a very competent professional, but one knowledgeable of how to successfully interface with other professionals in the field."

Stephen C., Esq., September 14, 2011